Construction & Detour Required • More details >>

Please be advised: Due to current construction work at I-35 & the Illinois exit, the Illinois exit will be closed this Sunday.

You will need to take another exit to arrive at service on tomorrow at 9:30am.

While there are several alternate routes that will get you there, instead of confusing you, we highly recommend you use your GPS feature on your cell phone.

If you have any concerns, please email us at & we can assist you with alternate exits to help you make it to destination UVCF Church. Travel safely. Be blessed.

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When don’t just pray, we…

Calling all Volunteers!

Would you like to volunteer? Can you lend a helping hand? Now is the time. Today is the day. It’ll only take a few minutes, and the instructions are simple.

Join us today | UVCF CHURCH @ 10am

Let’s get ready for increase!

We don’t just pray. But we make room for what we pray for. – Pastor Mike Reed

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Calling all Volunteers!!

As we confess God is increasing our harvest of souls at our church, we must also make preparation for them.

And tomorrow, you can participate in a Kingdom assignment that is sure to touch the lives of every guest who visits United Vision this year. What a great way to make an impact! It will only take a few minutes. And yes. We can always use helping hands. So please arrive on-time.

If you would like to volunteer, join us on campus at…



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