We’ve got plenty of…

Hey Builders!! Are you taking care of the body God put you in?

Yes! It gets hot in the summer time. But staying fit is a lifestyle. And that’s why we’re doing this one indoors. We’ve got plenty of water ready so you can get fit & stay hydrated doing it. So let’s go!

> Fitness Life Group meets

> this Saturday at 9am (at the church)

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Membership Class • Today at 5pm

If you are a new member of United Vision, we’re excited & can’t wait to connect with you. Join us for our …


* We encourage you to bring your smart phone.

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We declare healing now in Jesus’ name

> Praying for HEALING

Heavenly Father, Because You Are The Great Physician, we ask that You set all things in our physical bodies in proper order according to Your perfect will. We repent of our sins, generationally and transgressions due to our own ignorance. We confess all these things and we receive Your love and forgiveness today. And we rebuke the enemy and all forms of sickness, illnesses, and diseases wherever it may be in our bodies, and we command these spirits to Go now in Jesus name. For our bodies are the sole property of Our God in Heaven. Our temples belong to The God of All Creation. And so we pray and give permission for the kingdom of God to enter our bodies, from the crown of the head, to the sole of the feet. We claim our rights to complete healing and wholeness now in Jesus’ name. We thank You Lord and declare our bodies are operating pain-free. Because of the finished work of Jesus Christ and his shed blood on the cross, we speak now that our bodies are healed and are functioning in full strength, full energy, full flexibility and with a full range of motion. We sincerely appreciate how You Lord have delivered us and blessed us to enjoy peace in our bodies, as well as abundant life in this present world. Thank You Lord for hearing our prayers, responding to our humble cry, and causing all things to work for our good. And we cease not giving You all the praise and all the glory. For You are wonderful. You are mighty. And You do all things well. And all these things we ask, confess and believe are done now by faith in Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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Today’s message is …

What’s today’s message about? You’ll have to be in the house to find out. Don’t miss it!

Yes! Its Youth Sunday. But God has something to say to all of us.

Service begins at 9:30am

See you there!

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Attention UVCF: Urgent Message! Time change…

Attention Members of UVCF CHURCH!!

> Due to weather related issues that will affect the DFW area, we have changed our start time for tonight’s Effectual Fervent Prayer.

We will be praying 6:30-7:00pm & dismiss so everyone can make it home safely. Again we will start tonight’s prayer time at 6:30pm. Please share this message!!

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