Teens Only!!!  

  • Teens! It’s your time … your moment! We want to see you at this year’s Teen Summit 2017, happening this April
  • Be ready to eat some good food, hang out, and take some “UN-selfies”, if you get the idea! Don’t miss The Teen Summit, this April! 
  • Connect with Christy, your awesome Teen Coordinator ASAP for more details about this event. 
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Praying for First Baptist Church of New Braunfels

Heavenly Father, You Are The Lord Who Cares for us. We exalt Your Name high above unexpected situations. Although we grieve with those who grieve over the sudden loss of church members of the First Baptist Church in New Braunfels, Texas, we Thank You Lord in the midst of this tragedy. We Thank You Heavenly Father for giving them the grace and strength they need to endure this situation. We pray their faith fails not, and that Your love, comfort, and grace overwhelms them in this season. We speak peace and a greater manifestation of Your glory be revealed as they trust You to bring them through this trying time. Thank You Heavenly Father, for Your promises being fulfilled in Christ Jesus. And now all the glory, honor and praise belong to You Lord. For our hope is in Christ, and we believe all these blessings now by faith in Jesus’ name. Amen. 

God wants you to…

  • God wants you to do it ALL!! 
  • Don’t miss this opportunity to get the #balance you need to get a handle on all the things God has called you to do.
  • Balanced Living, Tonight at 7pm CST at uvcfchurch! 
  • Special gift for those attend!

Balanced Living: Tonight at 7pm CST

  • It’s much easier to carry more things when you have the right handle on it? – Pastor Mike Reed
  • God wants you to prosper in everything you do. Let God help you get a handle on it tonight.
  • Tonight’s Study is about Balanced Living |  Join us at 7pm CST.
  • Special Gift for those who attend only!
  • 1636 N. Hampton Rd. | Suite 250 | Desoto, TX 75115
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Balanced Living: WED @ 7pm

  • With all I have to do, work, family, kids, spouse, home, school, finances, business, health, and church, Does God have a plan to help me? 
  • Join Pastor Mike tomorrow night at 7pm as he talks about Balanced Living
  • God wants you to prosper in every area of your life.” -Pastor Mike
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First Lady & I would just like to express how godly proud we are for this remarkable group of young people and their youth coordinator at UVCF Church. As they have been growing in Christ over the past year, learning how True Love Waits, God’s grace has been with them – strengthening them to do His will. And so we are thankful to God for the great work He has done in their lives thus far, and for empowering them with kind of bold faith and hearts of courage that make it easy to make personal, public commitments to honor The Lord with their life & remain sexually pure before marriage. And so we speak God’s blessings of favor, wisdom, understanding, discernment, and we pray for the gift of the Holy Spirit to help them in everything they do. Again, we say Congratulations!! Job well done!! We love you all and are here for you. Get ready for the next dimension!! Be blessed & continue to declare the harvest. – Pastor Mike & Lady Sumetra

United Vision Volunteer Projects

  • Because we believe in “Living the gospel of Jesus Christ on purpose”, we are planning a visit to those who may be sick or in their twilight years. 
  • Stay tuned to learn more about our upcoming 2017 United Vision Volunteer Projects. Partner in prayer with us concerning the harvest! You’d be surprised how a simple touch can heal. #prayer #harvest #healing
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A picture is worth…

  • It’s been said, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” This is certainly a beautiful group! 
  • Visit us on Instagram @uvcfchurch @uvcfyunited & Facebook as we celebrate our teens for making a bold, public commitment before God and the congregation to remain #pure. Congrats to Team Y-United!!! GoPure
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