YMR 2021


God has great things in store for our youth this year. The Youth Ministry Re-Launch starts…

This Sunday, Feb.7th // 9:30am to 9:55am CST // Available in-person & LIVE on Zoom.

This Youth Relaunch will help your kids and teens reconnect with other youth at United Vision, hear words of faith for encouragement and receive the peace of God that helps them get through difficult times.

We’re inviting parents to partner with us in helping to encourage your child(ten) to connect in-person or LIVE on Zoom to participate in activities, as we aim to build their faith in God through Jesus Christ.

Students attending “in-person” will receive masks and face shields.

Students attending “virtually” will be able to join online via Zoom by clicking the link below.

Zoom Links

So we can better serve your child(ren), please click on the link below and complete the brief survey.