Day 21 • Fasting & Prayer

Haggai 2:9, The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former, saith the LORD of hosts: and in this place will I give peace, saith the LORD of hosts.

Heavenly Father, You Are Our Great Master Builder. And according to Your word, if You don’t build the house, all the labor is in vain. And so today, we humble ourselves to the Master plans You have for our personal lives, for us as collective members of the body of Christ, and for our church ministries. Lord we declare Your plans are perfect. And because we want to see Your greater glory operating in us and in our church, we invite Your presence and ask that Your anointing be present for destroying in all of our ministries at UVCF Church, in Jesus’ name. Lord bring us all into agreement with Your perfect will, and desire for every ministry foundation to be fully anchored in the word of God, and every action plan be fully aligned with Your purpose. Lord we submit to Your blueprint for our success, and we glorify Your Holy Name. Heavenly Father in Jesus’ name, we thank You for every blessing You have in store for us to receive this year. We delight in serving You with gladness. And we ask in Jesus’ name that You bless our pastors, leaders, facilitators, coordinators, volunteers, all who serve and shall serve in ministry at UVCF Church. Lord we thank You for the greater levels of humility we have experienced, that have produced in us an increased devotion to Your Word and prayer. Lord, we have a special yearning to be in Your presence, and we long to experience Your glory like never before. And so we commit ourselves to prayer. Heavenly Father, release a greater level of revelation that we might receive greater levels of faith, hope and love this year in Jesus’ name. Heavenly Father, we increase the level of our worship and faithfulness this year. Lord, pour out greater grace this year for greater vision, clarity, and communication, greater order, understanding and wisdom in Jesus name. Lord pour out Your Spirit upon us that every ministry might experience a greater anointing that we have not experienced before. Cause every spiritual gift in our church to grow, mature and flourish in Jesus’ name. We confess our expectation is rising to new levels for greater resourcefulness, practicality and spiritual competence, more grace and favor for greater levels of creativity, innovation and problem-solving, for higher levels in You God, as we grow in Jesus’ name. Lord cause us to find that place of humility where your grace and favor rests upon us each year, that Your power may work in us and through us, that curses are broken, yokes are destroyed, so people are saved, delivered, healed and set free, and that You alone are glorified in Jesus’ name. Lord, we Thank You now for the instructions You have given us so all our ministries, from the young to the old, may be a blessing to them all this year. Holy Spirit anoint the prayer warriors and intercessors in our church in Jesus’ name. And we speak blessings over the senior leaders of UVCF Church, the ministers, deacons, leaders, coordinators for every ministry, youth ministries, young adult ministries, women and men’s ministries, hospitality and service ministries, music ministry, audio, visual, technology and media ministries, social media ministries, our in-reach and outreach ministries, and all ministries that will be added for Your glory in Jesus’ name. We pray Your presence be in every church service and every revival in Jesus’ name. Heavenly Father, we ask that Your blessings be on our properties, and let every room be filled with Your glory, every instrument be used for Your glory. We plead the blood of Jesus over event hosted an extended location in Jesus’ name. For we confess it all belongs to You in Jesus’ name. Because You Lord are The Builder of this house, we know we already have the victory now in Jesus’ name. So we give You all the praise, all the honor and glory for answered prayer. And we decree and declare by faith, all these blessings we have now in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Pastor Mike Reed (Copyright 2023). All rights reserved.

Thank you for praying with us. We love you for real! And we invite you to join us this year as we are Growing In Christ & Growing On Purpose.

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