Day 3 • Fasting & Praying

Day 3: Faithfulness, Discipleship & Accountability

1 Corinthians 4:1-2, Let a man so account of us, as of the ministers of Christ, and stewards of the mysteries of God. Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful.

Heavenly Father, You Are Faithful & Righteous. We exalt Your Name this morning because of Your faithfulness toward us. When we needed food, You provided. When we needed clothes, You provided. When we needed shelter, You provided. When we needed money, You provided. When our bodies were in pain, You healed us. When we were in danger, You rescued us. When friends were not around, You were there. When we were faithless, You have always remained faithful. And now Lord, we confess and for not being faithful to You oh God, and when we have been unfaithful to Your people. And so Lord, we repent and we ask in Jesus’ name that Your love fill our hearts, as ministers of Christ, so we might live as faithful stewards in everything we do. We pray for the refreshing presence of the Holy Spirit to help us be faithful in spite of how we feel. Holy Spirit, Show us how to put our feelings in check when faithfulness is required to serve, so Your people are blessed and You get the glory. Lord we pray this grace be upon us mightily and that we all grow up and mature as believers in Christ who are able to teach others, not only in what we say, but in our demonstration. Lord we thank You for giving us a heart to be with the saints, and we pray that You continue to give us fresh vision, new strategies and innovative ideas that inspire more and more opportunities for Christian fellowship among the saints and those You are calling and shall be saved in Jesus’ name. Lord we ask that You bless us to be more accountable this year in Jesus’ name. Nourish us with Your word to build our faith. And bless us with faith partners in our church and surround us with Christian friends who believe in the blessing of mutual accountability this year. Lord Bless us with friends we can trust to speak the truth in love. Bless us with those who will not condemn us should we fall, but will be there to help restore us in the spirit of meekness because they truly desire to see nothing hindering us from going to our next level in You oh God, to live out our purpose and glorify You Lord. Lord we pray these blessings be upon us and our children, so they too can see how the blessing of Christian accountability works to help us grow in Christ, mature spiritually, and provide a hedge of protection for those who believe in Jesus’ name.

Thank You Lord for renewing our mind and turning our hearts back to Your purpose and intent for the church to be the light in dark places. Lord forgive us. We repent and lay down all tradition and religious thinking that has hindered Your perfect will in our lives. And now we ask Lord that You bless us with wisdom for making disciples in Jesus’ name. We Thank You for the disciple-shift that’s happening in our church. Lord, let the shift begin in me this year. I confess, my spiritual growth and maturity in Christ Jesus is going to a higher level this year. I confess by faith and believe God is releasing the wisdom I need to win souls to Christ and they are receiving salvation in Jesus’ name. I confess God is showing me how to fish for people around me, in my home, on my job, at the grocery store, in conversations, over the phone. Heavenly Father, show us where to drop our nets and give us the strength to draw them in that they might be saved in Jesus’ name. I confess The Lord is opening my eyes to see in the spirit and teaching me how to meet people at their level of need in Jesus’ name. God is revealing divine windows of opportunity this year for me to win souls to receive Christ. 

Lord, let this grace for discipleship minister greatly to those outside our church, so they too might see Your love for us, and the love we have for one another, and are compelled by the love of God to receive Christ for their personal salvation. I pray this year we receive a fresh stirring in the spirit, a revival to faithfulness, fellowship with the saints, discipleship and accountability as saints of The Most High God, that we keep our lamps trimmed and burning to do Your will, to serve with gladness, and are found faithful in all that we do – even until the Lord returns. Lord, release revivals that awaken us to Your Purpose and Your Power, that we might be Your People able to win more souls in Your Kingdom in Jesus’ name. For Thine is the Kingdom, the power and the glory, forever. And for all these blessings, we give you all the glory, honor and praise, in Jesus’ name we pray. 

Pastor Mike Reed (C) Copyright 2023

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