Day 2 • Fasting & Praying

Day 2: Confessing Deliverance from All Demonic Activity & Generational Curses

1 John 1:9, If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Heavenly Father, You Are The God Who Delivers us from all evil. And I thank You Heavenly Father for sending Jesus, to be my Redeemer and my Deliverer. Because You are faithful and just to forgive my sins, I confess all sins I know have committed. I also confess any sins committed by members of my family, my parents, grandparents in generations past. And Lord, I ask You to forgive me and deliver me now in Jesus’ name. Heavenly Father, I repent of all sin and anything unholy that has been operating in my life. Because I am a child of God, saved by the blood of Jesus Christ, I declare my body is the temple of God and all of me now belongs to God. And so today, I take authority in Jesus’ name and I cast out every spirit of addiction, anger, bitterness, fornication, jealousy, lying, lust, manipulation, murder, perversion, pornography and rebellion. I renounce all agreements, covenants and contracts with these spirits now in Jesus’ name. I sever all ties with every evil spirit now in name. I command all demonic activity in my life, in my mind, my will, my imagination, my emotions and my intellect to cease now in Jesus’ name. Now Heavenly Father, I give You permission to purge every area of my soul. I ask that You send me the power of your Holy Spirit so I can have the power to live a lifestyle that is holy, separated from sin, and a life that pleases You. Thank You Heavenly Father for Forgiving me, delivering me and setting me free. Thank You Holy Spirit for the power to resist the devil. And I receive it now in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Pastor Mike Reed (Copyright 2023)

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Day 1 • Fasting & Praying

Day 1: Revelation of Jesus Christ

Matthew 5:8, Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.

Heavenly Father, You are The Great I Am, You Are The Ancient of Days, You Are The Alpha & The Omega, You Are The Holy One, The Righteous, Omniscient, Omnipotent, The Prince of Peace. And now Lord we ask that You forgive us for not guarding our heart as we should have – for allowing our hearts and souls to become contaminated with the cares of this world. And it is because You Are The God of our Salvation, we have forgiveness of sins. Because You Are One, and there is no variance concerning Your God-head, we confess like Peter, Thou Art Jesus The Christ, Son of The Living God. And because You desire to be seen, we desire to see You Lord that we may receive the blessing of knowing You revealed to us, that we might have great boldness and conviction, so our faith may stand in all times. And so Lord we ask that You clean our hearts in Jesus’ name. Purge our souls thoroughly oh God, that we may confess Jesus is The Way, and there is no other way. That Jesus is The Truth and all others are liars. That Jesus is The Life, and without Him, we cannot live. Lord, Purify our our minds so we can apprehend the mind of Christ – so we are mindful of things of the spirit. Lord, search our hearts and purify our will to remove every motive and intention that is contrary to the things that are on Your heart oh God. Yes Lord, even purge out any comfort we may have to remain ignorant of things that You consider a matter of urgency. Lord, Purify our imaginations so the meditations of our heart please You. Purify our emotions so our feelings align with the way You feel about our various situations. Purify our intellect of corrupt knowledge based on lies, white lies, myths, fallacies, misinformation, half-truths, my truths, errors in teaching, poor upbringing, poor instruction, hypocrisy, and false prophesy. Lord we pray for a spiritual detox in our intellect. Purge out the evil, and let us retain only that which is good, according to Your word. Lord we ask that You make all things new for us. Update our understanding of the word of God, adjust our perspective for dealing with difficult situations and difficult people. Let the renewing of our minds bring insights and increase our spiritual capacity to receive the revelation knowledge of Jesus and remain humble. Lord cause a new level of hunger and thirst to know You and see You intimately be greater this year. And now we say thank You Lord for what you are doing in our hearts today. We praise You Lord now for the blessing of the revelation knowledge of Jesus Christ. And we live now with peace, and are in expectation of seeing You. Thank You Heavenly Father for Your the miracle of revelation. And we give You all the glory, and honor for it all in Jesus’ name we pray. Amen. 

(C) Copyrighted 2023

Pastor Mike Reed