Are you a member of UVCF Church? If so… >>

Members of UVCF Church, 

Please be advised! Our church website will be under considerable renovation in the weeks ahead as we endeavor to repurpose our website for greater effectiveness in the future. And so,…

> Starting Sunday, Dec.18th, we will no longer send announcements or reminders through our website. 

> To learn more about how you will receive notifications regarding our services, programs, events, updates & alerts, be sure to stay tuned to our local church announcements each Sunday at 10:00am during our main service.

> ALL notifications will be sent via our NEW Church App starting this Sunday, Dec.18th.

There are still 5 days remaining. More details will be shared during our Sunday morning worship services on how members can sign-up.

Thank you for staying connected at Be blessed. And know that we love you for real!

Growing In Christ. Growing In Purpose.

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