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Good Morning UVCF Church,

For those who may have missed this past Sunday, you missed an anointed flow of the Holy Spirit. Once again, God had me to release a right now word for His people. Because it was not a planned message, much of what the Holy Spirit spoke through me was released for those in the house, in that moment. As believers, it is imperative that we learn to honor – value the presence of God such so that we prepare in advance to be present in mind, in body, and in spirit, to receive what God has to say to us individually and corporately as a church. Because there some things God will only say when we have set an atmosphere of faith that honors His presence. However, once the atmosphere changes, and our expectation has lifted, God is no longer invited by us to speak or move in the same way. And so oftentimes, we must wait until we are able to honor God by setting the atmosphere once again, so that we might hear Him speak from heaven. Beloved, Faith is important to the moment as well as to the atmosphere during any service. This is the reason you want to be in service so you don’t miss a key moment when the atmosphere is set for God to speak one word that can change your life. God will do amazing things when we believe. And so it is my humble prayer that as we grow in honoring the Lord, that we not miss what God has for US in this season. – Pastor Mike Reed

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