Sermon Nuggets by Pastor Mike Reed >> When blood …

“When blood is flowing through our bodies as it should, we have the ability to move. But wherever there is a constriction, the blood will not flow properly and you will notice certain parts of your body will struggle to move. And so sometimes, in order to get the blood to flow properly again, we must move intentionally so the blood can flow properly again. What I hear the Holy Spirit saying is, movement should come easy for the church because the blood of Jesus has cleansed our minds so we can serve God and serve one another. But when only a few are moving in obedience according to God’s command, and others are not, it is evidence of a hindrance – a constriction to the blood of Jesus flowing through their life. And so to get the blood flowing again, as a believer, you will have to move by faith so the blood of Jesus can flow in your life. No. You cannot just plead the blood of Jesus, then sit down, cross your fingers and hope for the best. The Bible says, Faith without works is dead. And so if we truly believe there is power in the blood of Jesus Christ, and you need the blood of Jesus to flow properly in your life, take heed to what the Spirit of The Lord is saying. Move. And let the blood flow.” – Pastor Mike Reed

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UVCF Church Newsletter • What’s happening …?

Month of September 2022

> Effectual Fervent Prayer • this Wednesday LIVE at 6:30pm CST.

> Fall Clothing Give-away! Join us as we prepare to collect gently used clothing items for those in need. Please bring your clothing items to our Welcome Center during our morning services this month on Sundays between 9:30-9:55am. If you’d like to volunteer, please contact Jamila Harris or email us at

> The Outpouring 2022, Sunday, Sept. 18th at 10am. If you’re believing God for miracle, you don’t want to miss this service.

> September Clean-up! Stay tuned for more details.

Month of October 2022

> October Men’s Fellowship in Wylie, Texas! Stay tuned for more details.

> October Leadership Summit! Are you registered? Stay tuned. More details coming soon.

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