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Day 11: Fasting & Prayer

Heavenly Father, You Are Our Promise-Keeping God. For all of Your promises are Yes and Amen in Christ Jesus. We confess all known sin and repent that we might receive the refreshing outpouring of Your Holy Spirit. Heavenly Father, we yield to the voice of Your Holy Spirit, that Your Anointing might be upon us, so we can be the effective witnesses You have called us to be. Holy Spirit, release visions and dreams today in Jesus’ name. Holy Spirit release clear vision for our personal lives, homes, families, our church, ministries, schools, communities, businesses, pastors, youth leaders, coordinators, staff and volunteers in Jesus’ name. Pour out Your Holy Spirit that we might pray under the anointing, sing, praise and worship under the anointing, preach and teach the word under the anointing, prophesy under the anointing so that the yoke of unbelief is destroyed, so that strongholds are broken off of the mind, that darkness be removed by the marvelous light of God’s word, and sinners might be saved, in Jesus name. Pour out visions that minister hope to the hopeless. We pray the anointing destroys the yoke of depression, suicide, and the anxiety disorders that have been an epidemic in our nation. Lord, Release prophetic words from heaven that give them hope for their future and renew their will to live in Jesus name. Cause the old men to dream dreams that capture the hearts of young men and women in our nation to live for Jesus. Heavenly Father, order our steps so the visions and dreams come to pass according to Your divine timing. Lord give us grace and strength to complete our assignment, and place a fire under our feet, so we might run with these visions and dreams, making advanced preparations for the next generation in Jesus’ name. Heavenly Father, we thank You for the gift of the Holy Spirit reminding us of our purpose and giving us power to fulfill our Kingdom assignments in the earth. We confess and declare the blessing of the Holy Spirit is releasing a newness in our expectations for the greater works we must do and the greater things to come. We confess this fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit is helping us actively pursue and prove the perfect will of God concerning our Kingdom assignments, our spiritual growth, maturity, and our personal development, mentally and physically in Jesus’ name. Holy Spirit anoint us as we operate in our spiritual gifts. We confess the power of the Holy Spirit is empowering us to excel far beyond our own intellect and our physical abilities in Jesus’ name. We confess by faith our minds, our bodies, our spirit, our families, our children, our relationships, our finances, our businesses, and church ministries, are all bringing glory to God in special ways because of the power of the anointing at work on our lives in Jesus’ name. We Thank You Lord for this fresh Outpouring in our church producing believers who are fully persuaded in the resurrection power of Jesus Christ. We pray spiritual revival sweeps through our church, and churches across this nation. Lord, Because You Are A Quickening Spirit, You are able to raise the dead. And so Lord, we ask by faith that You revive those who are dead spiritually. Awaken those who have fallen asleep. Lord, do it again, for us, for our spouses, for our children, for our family & loved ones, and for our friends. Lord, set us all on fire like never before. Lord let this outpouring produce an elevated passion for sharing the gospel of the Kingdom of God. Lord, let this outpouring come with signs following. We confess UVCF Church is a healthy church where all the spiritual gifts are at work in our ministry in Jesus’ name. We confess the true prophets are being raised up at our church to prophesy and declare Your word. Lord we pray this Outpouring fills our spirits, and equips us to live with an unmistakeable boldness, because of the power of Christ – resisting the devil’s temptations at every level of life, and being strengthened to lead private and public lives of holiness – discipling others with integrity, serving with excellence, and ministering the truth in love by God’s grace. Heavenly Father, we bless and magnify Your Holy Name. For You Are Perfect in all of Your ways. You Are The Promise Keeping God. All praises, glory and honor belong to You Lord. For You do all things well. And we confess and believe all these things now by faith in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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