Day 10: Fasting & Praying

Heavenly Father, You Are ABBA Father. And we Thank You for the grace, mercy and favor of Your Fatherhood. And today, we pray Your will be done concerning our families and relationships in Jesus’ name. Lord forgive us for not honoring Your word. We confess we have not done everything we should have. Because You are a merciful God, we praise and worship You. We thank You Lord for toward our families. Lord as we pray for parents today, we ask that You bless fathers and mothers, husbands and wives today. Bless them to unite in the purpose of raising their children in the admonition of the Lord. Lord, we pray for the marriages You have joined together in Jesus’ name. And we decree and declare husbands and wives are drawing closer to You Lord, and closer to each other, so they are like a three-fold cord that is not easily broken. Lord, we pray You give spouses the wisdom and understanding they need to navigate the challenges they face in in Jesus’ name. Help them to understand the blessing of sanctifying their households, and the reward You have for those who endure hard times in Jesus’ name. Now we take authority over every evil spirit in Jesus’ name. Every spirit of anger, bitterness, confusion, fear, jealousy, envy, pride, strife, adultery, unforgiveness, and rejection that comes to cause division and to tear families apart. We bind up every evil spirit and we cast them out now in Jesus’ name. And we decree and declare in Jesus’ name that no man, woman, or demon in hell will be able to tear apart what God has joined together. For we confess our marriages are blessed, our children are blessed, and our households are blessed in Jesus’ name. We confess loving marriages are bringing glory to You Oh God as they minister to lost souls seeking to know the love of God, and receive hope for their future in matrimony. And we declare victory now in Jesus’ name.

Lord, bless parents with wisdom for parenting, teaching, and understanding how to be the first example of honor in the home. Lord, let our children see honor and be raised to be children who honor and love their parents, who honor You Lord, Honor those in authority, and are blessed to live long on the earth. Heavenly Father, Because Your Name is ABBA Father, we ask that You be Father to the fatherless. Bless the adopted children all over the world with loving parents who are able to shower them with love, and provide them with righteous parental guidance, so they come to know Jesus as their personal Savior and Lord, and enjoy the favor of being a member of Your Kingdom family in Jesus name. Bless them to walk in forgiveness and love, share the knowledge of God’s favor on their life with others. Lord, we ask that You bless our siblings and all of our relatives up and down our generational bloodline today. We rebuke the spirit of rejection that has divided families for generations. Lord, we ask that You touch the hearts of the members of our extended family, our grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, and even our distant relatives today in Jesus’ name. Lord we pray You step in to show us how, and at what points to unite with our brothers and sisters, that we might follow peace with all men and holiness in Jesus’ name, that we forgive and love each other like never before, that there might be peace in our homes and peace throughout our families in Jesus’ name.

Lord we pray for our friends. Lord bless our friends who have been a helping hand when we needed them, a shoulder to cry on when our spirits were low, and a friend to encourage our hearts . Lord bless them, favor them and return to them what they have given to us. And Lord, as some friends have left or walked away, we pray now that You encourage them, and send us new friends. Heavenly Father, bless us with friends who will encourage us to honor Your word and the honor the friendship as we grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Heavenly Father, we give You permission to shut the door on any friendships or relationships that are unholy, unhealthy and are not in alignment with Your perfect will for our lives in this season. And in Jesus’ name, we decree and declare the yoke of all unholy relationships, manipulative relationships, abusive relationships, be destroyed now in Jesus’ name. Lord bless us with the patience we need to wait on You. Heavenly Father, bless singles who are waiting in chastity, for the spouse You send who will be faithful, who knows the word of God, who has a deeper relationship with You God, who can walk with integrity, is already whole, living holy, sanctified life, who hates sin, who can help strengthen, encourage us to pursue our purpose, stay focus on our assignments, and compel us to draw closer in our relationship with You oh God. Lord, we speak by faith, that You are sending us friends who know what it means to stick close and still prioritize decency, order, holiness and righteousness. Thank You Lord for sending us friends who are healthy for us spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. Bless us with friends who will tell us the truth according to the word of God, and not just we want to hear. Lord send us friends we can trust to cover and restore us in love, friends who’s destiny we can be mutually excited about, and will push us to grow in Christ and mature in our relationship with You oh God. Lord bless our work relationships, that we comfort one another and be at peace in these difficult times. Bless our church relationships as we serve one another in love, that we might be edified, built up, and we come to know that we have no lack, because all our needs are supplied in the body of Christ. Lord, because You have revealed mysteries concerning Your Kingdom, we now have the revelation of Jesus Christ in our hearts, and we Thank you for putting all of our relationships in the right perspective. We thank You Lord for the confidence You give us each day, that as we do Your will, we are reminded that we are Your children, and we belong to You Oh God. For all these blessings, we bless Your Holy Name, and we give You all the praise, all the glory and honor for these things being done now in Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Pastor Mike Reed. (c) Copyright 2022. All rights reserved.

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