Day 8: Fasting & Praying

Psalm 34:3, O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together.

Heavenly Father, You Are The God of All Creation. The heavens, the earth, the sun, the stars, the moon, and all the amazing wonders in the earth and in the universe all display how beautiful and creative You are. We know it is Your will for us to praise You For You have commanded everything that has breath praise The Lord. And so because You created us to worship, magnify, and glorify Your Holy Name, we pray, asking and believing by faith in agreement with Your word that You reveal the gifts and talents inside us, and we humble ourselves that we may be taught, trained and strengthened to praise You for Your mighty acts and Your excellent greatness. As we offer our gifts and sacrifices of praise unto You Lord, we ask that You send more creative, gifted and anointed worshippers with various gifts to UVCF Church, so we may join together in magnifying the name of Jesus all the more, giving You a more excellent praise. Heavenly Father, we confess by faith that You are raising up those with creative gifts at UVCF Church to praise You for Your excellent greatness. We confess You are sending faithful, humble, honorable, mature, creative, and anointed praise & worship leaders, musicians, singers, songwriters, dancers, poets and artists to join UVCF Church in Jesus’ name, who live a lifestyle of praise and worship and enjoy teaching others to walk in the blessings of being a true worshipper. We speak by faith our worship leaders are saved and know what it means to worship The Lord in spirit and in truth. They have the gift of discernment and yield to the Holy Spirit and flow as He leads. They are students of the Word of God. They live and sing the Word of God, and express their gifts under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. They worship You oh God in the beauty of holiness. They delight in living a lifestyle of worship and their loving-kindness toward others attracts lost souls looking for Jesus, Who is King of all kings and Lord of all lords. We Thank You Heavenly Father for sending these gifts to our church ministry. Now Lord, we ask that You protect them from the enemy in Jesus’ name. Let the light of Your Word give them clear direction, shining a bright light on their pathway, so that their steps are ordered by You in Jesus’ name. Heavenly Father, let them not be deceived by the seductive offers of the world in Jesus’ name. Let them be wholly anchored in Your word so they are able to witness to sinners with loving-kindness, so sinners may receive Jesus Christ, and their lives be transformed for the better in Jesus’ name. Lord, we say Thank You in advance for keeping those You have anointed on a righteous path, so they walk in Your blessings and favor, and bring glory to Your Name. And we give You all praise and glory for these blessings we believe are done in Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Pastor Mike Reed. (C) Copyright 2022. All rights reserved.

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