Day 6: Fasting & Prayer

Heavenly Father, We thank You because You Sent Your Only Begotten Son Jesus, that we might have life in this present world and life more abundantly in eternity. We thank You Lord for the visions and dreams You have released in times past. And today, we come humbling ourselves and repenting for the times when we did not honor the visions and dreams You released to us. As we come to You Lord in prayer, we ask and believe by faith for a fresh vision release from heaven to that we may live. Heavenly Father, send fresh vision that breathes life, excitement, and vitality into our hearts this year. Lord make plain the purposes for which You created us, and the assignments we should be presently focused on now in Jesus’ name. Lord we thank You for releasing vision for every area of our lives. Because You want us to prosper in every way, we confess our expectation for vision for our personal lives, visions and dreams for this generation and generations to come, visions and dreams of our sons and daughters receiving Jesus Christ as their personal Savior & Lord, visions and dreams of being delivered, visions and dreams for the hopeless receiving hope, visions and dreams for the sick being healed, visions and dreams for healthy lifestyles and health families, healthy relationships, visions and dreams for strong marriages, strong families and the home, visions and dreams for our children, visions and dreams for academic success, visions and dreams for higher education, visions and dreams for success in business, visions and dreams of spiritual maturity and visions and dreams for the pastors and members of United Vision Christian Fellowship Church in Jesus’ name. Lord as You release fresh visions and dreams, we pray You anoint our minds with the understanding to articulate with the right words and writing. Anoint us to organize it, process it, prioritize it, administrate it and maximize it all for Your glory oh God. We pray clarity for the people of God, for clear communication and articulation of visions and dreams in these perilous times. Lord, give us the wisdom and grace to carry out the vision and wait on it’s appointed time for release. Lord send faith partners, willing workers and volunteers who are able to help us carry out these greater works with a heart of love in Jesus’ name. Lord, We pray for the dreamers today. Bless the interpreters so that as they yield to the unction of the Holy Spirit, that they speak with clear interpretation and boldness in Jesus’ name. We pray You give them great courage like Daniel, to communicate the visions and dreams You have given from heaven so that through prayer, we invite the kingdom of God into our world in Jesus name.

Lord, reveal those who are not in Your will, and those who have come to interfere, interrupt, sow doubt, division, or confusion, to frustrate us from doing Your perfect will. Lord, foil the evil plans of the enemy. Expose and remove the spirit of Judas in Jesus’ name. Increase our discernment to see the imposters operating under the cover of piety, religion, family, friendship, close associates, gifts, talents, and all forms of godliness used to disguise hidden agendas and ulterior motives. We take authority in Jesus’ name, and we rebuke all hidden agendas, ill-intentions working contrary to the vision You have for our lives, for our families, our children, our businesses, and for the saints. For we decree and declare God’s people are walking in obedience and victory in Jesus’ name. Lord, we confess our hearts and minds are being renewed on the word of God, so our lives might be transformed to see the goodness of God at work for all who trust You. We rebuke all ignorance and misunderstandings in Jesus name, and that You make our hearts pure so we can see and understand what You Are revealing to us in every season of life in Jesus’ name. For we decree and declare all demonic assignments that have come to hinder us from fulfilling God’s divine purpose and assignments in the earth are now cancelled in Jesus name. And because the gates of shall not prevail against the church, we decree and declare by faith, that we shall not be stopped in Jesus’ name. Holy Spirit, we thank You for helping us communicate the mysteries of Your Kingdom so Your perfect will is made known and we are walking in the spirit to fulfill it this year in Jesus’ name.

Lord, arrest the hearts and minds of Your people everywhere, especially the saints of UVCF Church, who have a righteous calling, but are running from the purpose and assignments You called them to. We pray those who should not be connected to us in this season must go, and those who are for us will stay in Jesus name. We bind up the spirits of depression, that causes isolation, and we cast it out now in Jesus’ name. Because we know God has promised never to leave us nor forsake us, and so we are never alone. And in the presence of God, we have fullness of joy. So Lord, we ask that You increase our faith, give us wisdom, courage and boldness to release those who are not for us in Jesus’ name, so they too can move forward into the destiny You have called them to, and they too might experience Your abundant blessings in Jesus’ name.

We take authority over the spirit of fear in Jesus’ name. We bind the fear of our purpose and fear of new assignments in the Kingdom of God, fear of change, fear of meeting new people, fear of being misunderstood, fear of other people’s perceptions, fear of not being liked or accepted. We bind all fear in Jesus name, and we cast it out now. For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but we have power, love and a sound mind, according to God’s Word, and we walk in dominion and authority in Jesus’ name.

Lord we thank You for leading us in paths of righteousness. We thank You Lord for this season of consecration, this time to be set apart to hear from You. We Thank You Heavenly Father and we receive the blessings of visions and dreams for our purposes and assignments this year in Jesus’ name. Heavenly Father, we say, Yes to Your will and Yes to Your way. And we give You all the glory, all the honor and all praise for these blessings we ask, believing by faith we have now, in Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Pastor Mike Reed (c) Copyright 2021. All rights reserved.

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