Day 2: Fasting & Praying

Heavenly Father, I come to You this morning, to magnify Your Holy Name. I declare Jesus’ name is above every name. Jesus is my Rock, and my Fortress. Jesus is my Strong Tower. For He is King of kings & Lord of lords. I praise You Lord, For You Are The Almighty God, my Counselor, my Savior, and my Deliverer. I worship You Lord God, and declare today is my day of personal deliverance. Now Lord, I confess where I’ve disobeyed Your Word. And I repent today. I receive Your love and forgiveness. And now I take authority in Jesus’ name, and I cancel every lie, every demonic suggestion and wile scheme of the devil. I renounce every contract I have had with hindering spirits, that have hindered me from walking in my purpose and walking into my destiny. I bind them up and cast them out now in Jesus’ name. Every contract I have had with foods, drinks, prescriptions, and other substances that are not good for my body, that have caused me chronic sickness and diseases, I renounce these contracts and I bind them up and cast them out now in Jesus’ name. And I confess my body is healed in Jesus’ name. Lord, deliver my soul from all past emotional hurt that has caused me to think less of myself and pursue relationships with people who are not in Your perfect will for me. Deliver my heart and my mind of all inferior thoughts so I stop speaking words that create delays to the blessed promises You have for me. Deliver me oh Lord of the desire to prove myself, overwork myself, to the point I stress myself just to get others to like me. For I decree and declare, this is the year I see my value in Jesus’ name. And I confess I will not waste any more of my time, money, resources or energy on those who cannot see my value. I take authority in Jesus’ name, and cast down every inferior thought and imagination. I bind them up and cast them out now in Jesus’ name. I renounce every negative word curse that I spoke and others have spoken over my life, negative words spoken when I was a baby in the womb, by my mothers or father, who spoke out of pain, frustration, depression or misunderstanding. I bind these negative words up and I cast them out now in Jesus’ name. I bind up every negative, inferior word of low self-esteem that has hindered my mind since childhood. I pull down these strongholds of inferior thoughts and imaginations, and J cast them out now in Jesus’ name. I rebuke daydreams and meditations that displease God. I rebuke nightmares that bring fear, and other fleeting thoughts and images, that often come to the mind that were conceived through entertainment, music, images on television or social media, and thing that has tried to preoccupy my imagination over and over again, causing me to lose time and hinder me from fulfilling God’s purpose in a timely manner. Lord, I renounce all contracts with grief that gave it permission to hinder me from walking in God’s purpose for my life. Lord, I give You praise, and I confess You peace that passes all understanding is now guarding my heart and mind in this season. Lord, thank You for purifying my heart today. Lord I receive Your grace. I declare I am set free in Jesus’ name to obey Your will and glorify You Lord in all that I do. Now Lord, as You lead me in paths of righteousness, I say thank You in advance for my deliverance. And for this, I give You all the praise, all the glory, and all the honor for these things being done now in Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Pastor Mike Reed (C) Copyright 2022

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