Praying for those impacted by Hurricane Ida >>

Heavenly Father, You Are The God Who Created the seasons. And we come before Your throne asking that You continue to be merciful toward us. Lord, forgive us for not walking in Your righteous path. We repent today. Our attention is on You Oh God. We pray, interceding for those being impacted by Hurricane Ida. Lord, because You create the times and seasons, You have the power over this storm. And so we pray now that You protect our family, friends and loved ones being impacted right now. Lord of Hosts, Send Your heavenly angels to watch over the people in Louisiana, and all along the Gulf Coastal region. We pray You clear the roadways, highways and buy-ways, so travelers can escape safely. Lord strengthen the doctors, nurses and those caring for the helpless patients in hospitals and senior living centers. Lord bless the security teams to assist and rescue those is desperate need of help. We thank You Lord, for giving peace throughout the night, that passes all understanding and guards their hearts and minds. Lord You are able, and we call upon You to do what only You can do. We exalt Your Name High above all others. We decree and declare, according to Your Word, that salvation is found in no other name, but the name of Jesus. And today, we call upon The Only Name that Saves, JESUS! Save now. Jesus in the storm. Jesus, save in the midnight hour. We declare the Name of Jesus to the Gulf Coastal Region, that God may give peace in the midst of this storm and be glorified. Heavenly Father, we praise You for Your might acts. And all these things we believe are done now in Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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