Today’s Prayer • Day 5 Devotional

Heavenly Father, You Are The God of Restoration. Lord, You are Omnipotent. I confess and believe that You Are All-powerful to save, deliver, set free and restore Your people. Now Lord, my prayer today is that You move by Your Spirit upon your people now and compel us to feast on the word of God even if/when we don’t feel like it. Lord, compel us to drink of The Living Water. Lord, we need the Bread of Life. Lord, let Your Word begin flushing out all the impurities that have been diluting and depleting our spiritual appetites. Heavenly Father, Remove the wrong and restore our spiritual appetites with what is right. Lord, I pray for miracles, signs and wonders, and that our minds, bodies and souls be healed today. These things I ask by faith, believing in the matchless name of Jesus’ I pray. Amen.

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