40 Days of Consecration • Bible Devotion * UPDATED

Here is our * updated 40 Days Corporate Bible Devotional. (Update for Day #10.)

If you’ve ever felt sick before, you know that sometimes you don’t really feel like eating anything. But we force ourselves to eat something anyway because we know our body need strength. What am I saying? Perhaps you don’t feel like reading the word of God today. Nevertheless, feasting on God’s word is what your spirit needs so you CAN walk in the spirit and not of your flesh, your carnal nature, your old man. For us to walk in newness of life, and do the will of God, we, the saints need God’s word IN US before it can be live it out. Remember, what goes in will come out. And what does not go in, cannot come out. I’m challenging you to read the word of God. Force yourself to eat if you have to. But eat the word of God, you must. Get thirsty. Get hungry. Because God wants to bless you from the inside out. – Pastor Mike Reed

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