We Are Praying for You & Your Families

Heavenly Father, You Are The Lord Who Protects Us. We are grateful for all the blessings we have received. And we come now thanking You for Your mighty hand of protection. Now Lord, You see our situation and know it well. And we ask that You protect us in Jesus’ name. Protect those without access to power, gas and water utilities. Protect those who are facing emergencies right now in cold frigid weather conditions. Lord, cover Your people and keep us warm. Lord, we rebuke the thieving spirit and the enemy’s tactic to use price gouging as people face dangerous circumstances and are seeking shelter from the storm. We rebuke the spirit of fear and anxiety in Jesus’ name. And Lord, we speak now by faith and declare that You are opening doors of favor for Your people for shelter, food, money, transportation and all other necessary resources needed for us to prosper in Jesus’ name. Lord of Hosts, send Your heavenly angels to watch over our homes, cars and our possessions in Jesus’ name. Lord, protect our families, spouses, children, the elderly, friends, loved ones, church families, and give us all traveling grace for those who must commute for safety and obtain resources in Jesus’ name. Lord, give wisdom to the technicians to resolve this massive outage with expediency in Jesus’ name. Lord, Your name is Jehovah-Jireh. Because You have provided for us before, we trust You to do it again. Yes Lord. Have Your way in our lives. And we confess now that it’s all working for our good, because we love You, and are called according to Your Purpose. And for this, we give You all the praise, honor and glory as we call it done now by faith in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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