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Do you know your health status? Have you been tested …

Have you been tested for COVID? Do you know your health status?

If you have attended in-person worship services at United Vision, and/or live with family members who work in settings where they must interact with others on a regular basis, we recommend you consider getting tested to know your personal health status. At the present time, there are no known cases of anyone who attended our in-person services recently and were infected. And for this, we are truly blessed and thankful unto God for His hand of protection over us.

With that said, as information concerning new variations of the COVID virus are being discovered and released, it is not only important for your health, but for the safety, well-being and peace of mind for our families, friends, and all those we love and enjoy spending time with, that we be aware of our health status.

So take time to get tested. Knowing your health status is an act of #love. Let’s love one another. And let’s continue praying for one another, and thanking God for His hand of protection covering us daily in Jesus’ name. Know that God loves you. And we love you too. #lovemonth #gettested

For details on how you can get tested, please consult your personal physician, health care provider or visit a local COVID testing site near you.