2020 Strategies Conference • The Virtual Experience • Tonight at 7pm CST

Good Evening United Vision,

I’m truly honored to share this wonderful opportunity with you. Much of my foundation in biblical teaching has been nurtured under this anointing over the years. Tonight is the final night. And I don’t want you to miss it!

I invite you to attend Strategies Conference 2020 with renowned, anointed faith teacher, Apostle I.V. Hilliard, Overseer of New Light Christian Church in Houston, Texas. This year’s conference is being made available around the world.

The evening worship service is happening now. The Virtual Experience is FREE. I also encourage you to give. As you sow seed, know that you have a right to expect a harvest in Jesus’ name. The access link is below. Be blessed. And I look forward to hearing your testimonies.

2020 Strategies Conference • UNDENIED

Date/Time: Thursday at 7:00pm CST

For Online Access, go to “nlccc.tv”. This link will forward you to the YouTube channel for the conference. 

Get your paper and pen ready. Prepare to hear from one of God’s most profound faith teachers. Strategies Conference 2020, UNDENIED. Go ahead and declare by faith, God’s promises belong to me. And I will not be DENIED.

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