Tonight, you will have to …

Beloved, as we have been witnessing over the past several days, injustice and a myriad of unfortunate circumstances on television, I felt led to release this first to you, the members of the church I shepherd. By now, you know as well as I do, the matters taking place across our country. And now that we’ve been informed so we can pray with understanding, I believe it is imperative that we realize how cunning the enemy is to play on our own desires to be spectators from our own homes, opening the door and allowing the enemy to gain a foothold in our mind. And so I heard in my spirit that we will have to bow our will to the will of God. I heard in my spirit that the next several days will be a test of wills. We will have to deny our will, deny every carnal desire and be careful what we feast on in this season. Otherwise, it can and will make you sick if we digest the wrong things. And so I exhort us all today to have the mind of Christ, and say, Lord, I give you my nevertheless. Not my will, but Thy will be done. Beloved, as hard as it may be, the next several days will be a test of wills. It will be a test to see if we can be intentional enough to obey the voice of the Holy Spirit and CHANGE WHAT WE HAVE BEEN EATING RIGHT NOW BEFORE IT INFECTS OUR HEARTS. HE THAT HAS AN EAR TO HEAR, LET HIM HEAR WHAT THE SPIRIT IS SAYING TO THE CHURCH. As your pastor, I say this not as a command, but as a pastor’s heartfelt expression of love, desiring that you remain strong in the Lord, strong in faith, and able to resist all the fiery darts of the devil in these evil days. So what can I do in the meantime you ask? Good question. You can read your Bible. You can practice rehearsing Psalm 23. You can access words of faith on YouTube. You can gather with your family and practice writing a faith confession that is supported by scriptures. You can listen to the word of God play on your MP3 player. You can pray the word of God. But whatever you do, Guard your heart with all diligence in this season. Set aside time to read your Bible and ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you, wash over your soul, that you may have the peace of God that Jesus promised. Obey God and be in expectation of God’s blessings today in Jesus’ name.

Humbly Submitted,

– Pastor Mike Reed #iloveu4real

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