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Heavenly Father, You Are The Lord of our Strength. You Are All-Powerful. As we have been enduring the crises of death due to the pandemic of disease, we pray now that You give us the strength we need to also endure the present difficulties of racial injustice that are now affecting the heart and soul of Your people. Lord, we ask now that You lift the hearts of people from the brinks of despair. As we keep our minds stayed on You Lord, cause our minds, emotions and imaginations to be at peace in this season. Lord, cover our spouses, our children and our families now in Jesus’ name. Lord, open the eyes of the blind to see the way You see humanity – Your creation. And so we bind the spirit of rage and we command it to go now in Jesus’ name. We shut every door to the spirit of hatred now and we yield to Your Holy Spirit. Lord, we give You permission to provoke us to walk in love, prayer and action in response to the injustices in our world. Holy Spirit we ask that You teach us how to respond and not react out of anger. Holy Spirit, teach us how to handle this moment and maximize it so that in the end, justice prevails and You Are glorified. Lord, we ask that You turn the hearts of all those in authority, that they may be moved with compassion, to help those who are sick, afflicted, unemployed, and those in need of justice. Lord, we humble ourselves that You may exalt us in due time. Lord lift us up where we belong. Holy Spirit, we lift our hands to You like children who desperately need the protection and comfort of their father. Lord, Your Name is Abba Father, and we ask Precious Lord, that You take our hand. Lead us on. Give us the strength to stand. For You Are our Strength and our Redeemer. And we thank You Lord in advance, and give You all the praise, honor and glory for these things being done now in Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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