Phase 1, Welcome Back Sunday Service • starts at 10am cst

Please be advised, Phase 1 of our Welcome Back Sunday Service will begin at 10:00am cst to allow for our staff to assist you.

We will go LIVE on Facebook at 10am cst.

You may also dial-in to participate in our worship services. 1.877.489.9408 (Call is free!)

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Welcome Back Services • Phases 1, 2 & 3 >> Please read on for more details

Attention all members & friends of United Vision,

In our effort to maintain a healthy worship environment for you and your family, we have begun implementing new protocols to acquaint all of our members & friends who are able to attend our LIVE worship services. As part of our Safe Church Campaign, we have provided an outline of Phases 1, 2 and 3 for what our new church campus reopening details and expectations will look like at United Vision for the foreseeable future, until further notice. Please read each phase carefully.

Welcome Back Service / Phase 1

> LIVE services Sunday’s only

> Limited Seating Capacity (15)

> One Service begins at 10am

> Must arrive by 9:30am to be seated. 

> No Youth Classes (Kids or teens)

> Masks required

> Chairs separated in sanctuary

> Intentional Social Distancing

> Entrance & Exit protocols

> Cafe closed

> Fellowship Outside immediately following service

> Post-Service cleaning & sterilization

> At-risk individuals are recommended to attend our services via Facebook LIVE or Conference Call.

Welcome Back Service / Phase 2

> LIVE services on Sunday’s only

> Increased Seating Capacity (30)

> Must arrive by 9:30am to be seated.

> One Service begins at 10am.

> Youth Class Convo (Kids & teens)

> Masks worn when interacting with others at close proximity in sanctuary. 

> Practicing Social Distancing inside/outside

> Cafe closed

> Fellowship encouraged outside sanctuary

> Post-Service cleaning & sterilization

> At-risk individuals MAY choose to attend our services via Facebook LIVE & Conference Call.

Welcome Back Service / Phase 3

> LIVE services on Sunday’s

> Increased Seating Capacity (50+)

> Chairs reset in place

> Original Service Time resumes at 9:30am

> Youth Classes resume at 9:40am

> Masks optional

> Social distancing respected from person to person in & outside

> Fellowship inside/outside sanctuary 

> Cafe open with limited use

> Post-Service cleaning & sterilization

> All members are welcomed to attend our LIVE corporate worship services.> Some services will not be aired LIVE on social media, and may not be available in their entirety. To receive notifications on which services will be aired LIVE either via Facebook, YouTube or Conference Call, be sure to subscribe and stay connected at or click on UVCF Plus for the latest updates.

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Mental Illness is real • Let us Pray >> Today at 10am cst.

All of us have been affected by COVID-19. But for some, the past few weeks have been tremendously difficult. We’re not judging. But we are praying.

Prayer Call • today at 10am cst.

Dial-in: 1.877.489.9408

We are praying for you.

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