COVID-19 Official Service Update by Pastor Mike

Attention Members & Guests of UVCF Church:

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, we continue to thank God for protecting us all from dangers seen and unseen. As you know, due to COVID-19, our ability to gather together has been limited these past few weeks. As we forge ahead to continue spreading the gospel of Jesus, we sincerely appreciate our volunteers for assisting us with the ongoing essential work of ministering the word of faith in times like these. Having said that, you may know that relaxed guidelines were released for residents of the state of Texas in an effort to restart the evening. However, as a church, we are yet remaining prudent and limiting our corporate gatherings to no more than ten people in our facilities until Sunday, May 3rd. More information will be coming soon about our #safeCHURCH campaign so you and your family can know how you can help us ensure United Vision remains a safe place to worship. Therefore, we encourage each of you to join us for our Sunday services via Facebook LIVE or via Conference Call 1.877.489.9408 to access our services, until we resume our public worship gatherings. In closing, I cannot express enough how much my wife and I appreciate your understanding, your prayers and support of our ministries as we all work through these challenging times. Thank you for your sacrifices and labor of love. We pray God’s grace and favor be upon you all until we see each other again. Be blessed. And keep Living The Gospel of Jesus Christ On Purpose. – Pastor Mike Reed

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