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Attention: The following information is for members of The UVCF CHURCH Family.

For those who do not already have holy oil and have not prayed over it, once you purchase your bottle of pure olive oil, here is a prayer of faith you can speak over your oil to sanctify it unto the Lord and confess God’s blessings over it so you can anoint your homes & family. – Pastor Mike Reed


Heavenly Father, we bless Your Holy Name. Because You Are Holy and have called us to be holy, by faith, as we lay our hands on this oil today, to sanctify it and to set it apart from all others, so that from this day forward, it is dedicated as holy oil unto You oh God. We pray Heavenly Father that Your blessings be upon this holy oil that we might be blessed and healed in Jesus’ name.

Now Lord, because Your word says, if we decree a thing, it shall be established, we thank You Lord and confess Your blessed promise of Passover. And so we decree and declare by faith that when we apply this holy oil to the doorposts of our homes, that we ourselves are protected, our family is protected, our children are protected, our property and possessions are protected in Jesus’ name. Wherever we may be, and apply this holy oil, we decree and declare no evil shall come near our dwelling in Jesus’ name.

Because we believe there is healing power in the precious blood of Jesus, when we apply this holy oil, from the crown of our heads to the soles of our feet, we confess complete healing and wholeness for our physical bodies in Jesus’ name. And we decree and declare that all negative bacteria, all manner of sickness, diseases, infirmity, all viruses and plagues shall Passover us and our homes in Jesus’ name.

Lord, we confess when You anoint us, our cups are running over, goodness and mercy are following us, and we are experiencing abundance, more than enough, favor, overflow, new positions, doors of opportunity and promotions in Jesus’ name.

Now Holy Spirit, we ask that You speak to us, teach us and direct us when and where to apply this holy oil so we may experience Your blessings and favor, and that You may be glorified. Thank You Holy Spirit for reminding us of the blessings of dominion and authority, anointing, protection and promotion You have given us through Christ Jesus. Thank You Lord for the wisdom You give us liberally when we ask in faith. And we confess we are overcomers by the blood of Jesus, and the words of our testimony. We have confined through Christ Jesus that no matter how difficult the times may be, we know Your grace oh God is always sufficient to help us in time of need. And so we rest in knowing, No weapon that is formed against us shall be able to prosper. And we bless You Heavenly Father and give You all the praise, all the glory, and all the honor for these blessings we have now by faith in Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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