Praying, We Rebuke the Coronavirus >>

Heavenly Father, You Are Our God Who Rescues Us from every trap and Delivers Us from every deadly disease. Because we have power in Jesus name, we take authority now over the coronavirus, pandemics that have invaded our country and communities. We rebuke all deadly bacteria circulating in the atmosphere, hidden on objects in our homes, objects in the workplace, and any deadly bacteria from all common spaces we use on a daily basis, and we cast them out now in Jesus name. Because of the blood of Jesus, we decree and declare a supernatural quarantine is covering the saints of God, who believe by faith in the power of the blood of Jesus. We pray for those who are currently suffering and that Your grace help them endure, and that they be healed, and live to testify of Your goodness and mercy in Jesus’ name. Lord give wisdom and understanding to those in the medical field, the doctors and scientists, that they may find the remedy required to bring an end to this pandemic situation in Jesus’ name. And because of the blood of Jesus, we decree and declare that we are covered, we are safe, we are healthy, we are not anxious, we have no fear, but we have the peace of God, we are prudent, vigilant, and we walk in love, power, and a sound mind wherever we may be, and wherever we may go in Jesus name. And for this Lord, we give You all the praise, all the glory and honor for these things being done now in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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