Our Corporate Fast begins tomorrow • July 15th at 6am

Beloved, as we endeavor to build for the kingdom of God, just as Nehemiah had to be prepared for battle, so must we be prepared for battle. This is Pastor Mike Reed. And I’m asking you to join me in a corporate fast over the next 5 days, as we pray and believe for God’s favor concerning everything we endeavor to build to the glory of God. I believe that even in the face of adversity, God is going to build our faith to receive more from Him. Expect to go to new levels in Him. Expect to be strengthened in your spirit man, and expect to discern spirits that have hindered your family in generations past. I believe generational yokes will be exposed and destroyed in Jesus’ name. By faith, I believe God is going to release fresh vision for businesses, and open new doors to bless your household, your children, your church community, and those in need. As we all commit to honor The Lord during this time of fasting and prayer, I believe we will see God’s favor supply every provision we need to advance our current kingdom projects and future projects so that God may be glorified.

Join me in fasting this week. We will be drinking water and limiting our diet to nothing other than fruit each day. And when we do this together, I believe we will experience individual and corporate breakthrough and victories. Declare now, We have the victory!

>> Fasting Monday thru Friday • 6:00am

>> Fast Ends: Saturday morning • 6:00am

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