Tonight’s Bible Study Devotion is #atHOME

As Pastor Mike has been teaching on the series called Builders, we’ve been growing in the grace of God. And tonight, we ask that you join us #atHOME as we devote our attention to studying the book of Nehemiah, Chapters 3 and 4.

Because we are declaring victory through Christ Jesus, and we plan to build whatever we build to last, then we do good to pay close attention to what Nehemiah had to do, identify the problems he faced, and study to know how he was victorious over them. We recommend you pray before reading and studying to ask the Holy Spirit to give you understanding. Because this is not just some homework exercise. But this is about you receiving faith keys for life application so you can be victorious in every area of your life, and build it to last.

Tonight’s Bible Study Devotion #atHOME

>> Nehemiah 3:1-32

>> Nehemiah 4:1-23

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Yes. God did it again!

When God adds new souls to the church, we rejoice at United Vision. We pray God give you peace and direction as you walk by faith through this season of change. Know that God has purpose for your life & expect the best is yet to come. Details regarding our membership classes will be shared soon. For now, we say, Welcome home. Join us as we declare victory this year in every area of our lives. Be blessed. And know We love you for real!

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