Bible Study: Are you …

If you are a believer, you should be prophesying.

> Are you prophesying? If so, what are you saying? If you are not prophesying, why aren’t you?

Join Pastor Mike as he teaches on the gift of

PROPHECY • tonight at 7pm

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Praying for a CHANGE!!

Heavenly Father, You Are The God Who Makes All Things New. Lord, You said, if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature, old things are passed away, and behold all things are become new. So we confess change in Jesus’ name. Lord, I give you permission to change me. Change me from the inside out. Change me Lord so I’m motivated to do Your will. Change my mind, so the way I think lines up with Your Word. Lord, cause my thoughts to agree with Your will. Change my direction so I walk where You want me to walk. Cause my footsteps to stay on the right path. Change my heart so I speak life to myself and into my future. Change what I ask for in prayer so I don’t pray amiss. Change me so I love according to Your Word, not just when it is convenient for me. Change my attitude about life from negative to positive, from pessimistic thinking to optimistic thinking. Lord, Change my relationships so they all honor You Lord. Change my priorities and give me a sense of urgency concerning being in Your presence. Change me so I walk in the spirit and not the flesh. Change me so I learn how to walk in my calling. Change my expectation from ordinary to extraordinary. Lord, Change my appetite so I crave spiritual things, and not carnal things. Change my schedule to agree with Your Kingdom agenda, Your will and assignments that You have ordained for my life. Lord, Give me the courage to change how I respond to those who don’t like me, and mistreat me. Lord change me so I confront the enemy with the boldness of Jesus. Let my life be a testimony of the victory I have in Jesus, and You oh God get all the glory. Lord expand my faith capacity. Cause my faith to increase more and more this year, so that I please You, and I come to be a personal witness that You do miracles, signs and wonders. Lord take me to new heights, new depths, new levels, new dimensions in my spiritual walk this year. Let me know what new spiritual weaponry I need to defeat the enemy. Lord give me fresh rhema word, an accurate revelation of Who Jesus Is, a stronger faith conviction to so I can stand in perilous times. Lord give me a new understanding and discipline for the next level. Lord bless me so I can discern between the seductive lies of the devil and the word of truth. Lord change my attitude about instruction and correction. Lord let the true prophets speak and I will listen. Release the prophetic word I need in this season that shifts my thinking for the next blessed place where Your favor is. Lord bring the kind of change in my life that leaves me with no other choice but to worship You in spirit and in truth. Heavenly Father, You Are The Great I Am. The change I need is in Christ Jesus, Who makes all things new. And so I give all the glory, honor and praise, for all these things I ask and believe by faith in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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