Corporate Fast • 3 Days • Water Only • April 15-17

Recently, I felt strongly in my spirit that it was time to fast. So on yesterday, Sunday, April 14th, I called a corporate 3 day fast for our church. As a true child of God, you should know the enemy seeks to attack the saints by using distractions of all kinds. Well a good defense against an attempt to distract you is to remain focused. And nothing positions us to remain focused spiritually like consecrating a fast. Fasting increases our spiritual awareness, and causes us to be more sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit – especially in times of trial and temptation.

So I call on you to join us over the next 3 days, as we fast corporately to be more sensitive and responsive to the voice of the Holy Spirit in this season. We will be pushing back the plate completely for next 3 days, drinking WATER ONLY (plenty of it), spending time in God’s word and prayer, as we endeavor to respond to His voice.

And so I say Thanks to every faith partner in advance for your participation, as we remain relentless in declaring victory in every area of our lives. I pray you receive a greater grace from God for a new level in Jesus’ name.

– Pastor Mike Reed

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