From Message: Stay In Line

Do you really want to be blessed? Did you know God commands the blessing on those who stay in line with the head? Anything that’s trying to get you out of alignment with where God is releasing the blessing is of the devil. It’s a tactic by the enemy to get you out of place so you cannot receive the blessing. How can you receive the blessing if you’re not in the place where the blessing is being released? If you missed service on yesterday, this was the message. It was entitled, Stay In Line. Today, I exhort you to take note of anything, any thought, any excuse, any reason, or anyone that tries to suggest it’s okay if you’re not in alignment with God’s word, if you’re out of fellowship with the saints of God, if you forsake the assembly with your local body of Christ and it doesn’t bother you, if you are not in position to receive the word of God from your pastor in your set place. Keep your eyes open and watch for these things! That’s right. No matter how good the instructions are that my boss gives me on my job today, those instructions are not for you. Why? Because that’s not the place you made a commitment to work in. None of us can work effectively if we don’t have the right instructions. As a pastor, I know there are many pastor’s sermons that are really good. But the truth is, you could be hearing a good word that’s not for the season you’re in right now. If you’re listening to everyone else, but you reject the instructions from your pastor, you’re out of alignment. The question remains, Do you really want to be blessed? According to Psalm 133:1-3, God commands the blessing on those who dwell together in unity – those who remain in line with the head. When God releases the word to your pastor, He releases a blessing, and you must be in line to receive it. But if you’re not in lone, you can miss it. This is the year God is releasing a word for you in this season so you can receive your blessing in YOUR DUE SEASON. In John 10:4-5, Jesus taught how his sheep know his voice and another they will not follow. Beloved, this is a call for all who profess to be true children of God to return back to your set place, return back to reading and studying God’s Living Word, and return to the things that honor God so you can be blessed. It’s not enough that God wants to bless you. You must want it bad enough to position yourself to be blessed. Beloved, Faith without works is dead. Don’t miss what God has for you! Get in line for your breakthrough. Get in line to receive the miracle you’ve been waiting on for years. Have faith in God. Trust and believe He is able to do it for you. Get back in line & #StayInLine. – Pastor Mike Reed

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