Word of Caution • WAIT, WAIT, WAIT!!!




Before we conclude our corporate fast, we have a brief word of caution we’d like to share with you. We urge you NOT TO order those pancakes and syrup for breakfast right away. Why you might ask?

Well, because you have been fasting for the past 20 days, your body’s digestive system will likely be shocked should you introduce certain greasy and fatty foods too soon. Please know your digestive system will need at least several days to get back into the practice of digesting these kinds of foods again with the proper enzymes required to break them down. So in order to spare you any unnecessary discomfort such as, feelings of nausea, stomachaches, diarrhea, or other digestive issues, we highly recommend you do not overeat, or eat greasy foods in large quantities right away. Instead, we recommend you present certain foods like meats and breads back into your diet in very small portions – a little at a time each day. Yes. Small portions, and a little at a time over a period of several days or more.

Now because each person is different, the information provided here is simply a word of caution, and is not to be taken in place of your doctor’s orders. Those under doctor’s care, are recommended to consult with their physician on how to best resume a normal diet after a 21 day fast. 

With that said, we will continue our corporate fast until 6:00pm this Sunday, Jan.27th. After which time, you may adjust your eating schedule respectively.

Thanks again for joining UVCF Church for our 21 Days Corporate Fast this year. Feel free to share your testimonies with us at uvcfchurch@gmail.com. And we look forward to hearing how God has blessed you. See you next year. Thanks again & Be blessed.

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