Day 10 • Fasting & Praying

Psalm 115:13-14, He will bless them that fear the Lord , both small and great. The Lord shall increase you more and more, you and your children.

Heavenly Father, Your Name Is Abba. You Are The Greatest Father of All. We Thank You for the promise of blessings for those who respect, honor, and cherish You Oh God. And so we ask and believe by faith for Your blessings to be on families today in Jesus’ name. Lord, as we humble ourselves and submit to Your will, serving You with joy and gladness, we ask that you give the paternal mothers and fathers, as well as the spiritual mothers and fathers, young and old, the grace they need this year to parent. Lord, we ask that You give them wisdom and good understanding, so they lead their families in the ways of righteousness in Jesus’ name. Lord, bless parents to be sensitive to their children’s needs. And bless our children, so they are attentive to receive the wisdom they hear. Lord, we ask that You touch the hearts of all our extended family today. Heavenly Father, we pray Your blessings for our grandparents, our aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, and all of our distant relatives today in Jesus’ name. Lord, we know there is no place You cannot reach us and speak to us. And so Lord we pray for our unsaved loved ones today. Lord, wherever they are, we ask that You shine Your light in the midst of darkness, and pull them out in Jesus’ name. Lord, we ask that You disconnect our unsaved loved ones from relationships that are unholy and do not bring You glory. Lord, we pray that You send saved, sanctified and anointed believers into their lives. Communicate with them Heavenly Father in a way that they might know without question, it is You, The Almighty God. Lord, we ask in Jesus’ name that You take them through whatever process You require to humble them, that they might know You Are God – that they might repent and receive Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord. And we declare victory for them in this year in Jesus’ name. Oh Lord, we pray Your blessings also be upon the fatherless today. We come against every spirit of abandonment, rejection, resentment and neglect, and we cast them out now in Jesus’ name. Lord, reveal the blessing of Yourself as Abba to the fatherless. Let them know they have not been forsaken, but forgiven by You in Jesus’ name. Lord we ask by faith that You restore any joy and happiness they may have lost when they were children. Lord, give them them spiritual nourishment they missed, the teaching, training and correction they needed so they may grow up and mature in Jesus’ name. AbbaFather, we be glorified in the earth. And we declare victory for them in Jesus’ name. Lord, we pray for every marriage You have joined together in Jesus’ name. And we declare husbands and wives are drawing closer to You God, and closer to each other, such that they are like a three-fold cord that is not easily broken. We take authority in the spirit now in Jesus’ name and rebuke anything or anyone trying to bring division in marriages. And we declare in Jesus’ name that no man, woman, or devil in hell can tear what God has joined together apart. For we confess these marriages are blessed, their children are blessed, and their households are blessed in Jesus’ name. We confess marriages are bringing glory to You Oh God as they minister to lost souls seeking to know the love of God, and receive hope for their future. And we declare victory for them in Jesus’ name. Heavenly Father, we pray You bless all Kingdom relationships today in Jesus’ name. Lord, we thank You for the relationships You have brought into our lives to favor us. Lord we ask that You strengthen and give grace to all those You have called to help us in ministry, in business, and in our personal lives. And continue to direct us to those who are agreement, and are fully connected to the vision You have given us, so that what we do prospers, and brings great glory to Your Holy Name. And we declare victory this year for these in Jesus’ name. And we say Thank You Heavenly Father for being Our God Who Is Awesome. You Are The Great I Am. And we give You all the praise and glory for all these blessings we believe for by faith now in Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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