Corporate Fast • this week • 6am – 6pm • Read for more details >>>

Join us for our corporate fast this week which starts today at 6am to 6pm.

The spiritual alarm has sounded once again. And now it is time for us to fight the way God has instructed us to fight.

We are fasting as a corporate church body this week to draw closer to God, to be in His presence, so God can cover us, comfort us, instruct us, remind us, heal us, deliver us and equip us. Beloved, it’s time we get desperate for God, to be in His presence so He can do what only He is able to do. So I encourage you to bring your Bible close, and set aside time to drink from The Spiritual Fountain of Living Water – His name is Jesus, that we all may be like trees planted by the rivers of water. Beloved, know that God loves you and cannot stop loving you, because He loves you with an unfailing love. We will be praying for you. And I ask that you also include my wife and I, and the saints of UVCF Church in your prayers. Be blessed & Declare this week, I am reigning with power and authority in Jesus’ name.

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