Agreeing in Prayer with our New Member, Day 4

As our New members continue Praying On Purpose this week, please join us as we pray this simple prayer by faith in agreement with them.

Father God in heaven, we worship You as Alpha and Omega. You are God before we start, and You are God when we finish.  You are The Author and Finisher of Our Faith.  Therefore, we thank You for the time You have given us to do Your will here in the earth.  And so now, we pray in agreement with the new members of UVCF Church, believing by faith in Jesus Christ that they will receive the wisdom and understanding they need to be good stewards of their time, talents and treasure as they operate in Your divine purpose for their lives, in Jesus’ name. Amen.    

Thank you once again for praying that prayer of agreement for God to bless our new members on this week. May God’s grace and favor be upon you.  – Pastor Mike Reed/UVCF Church

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