Homegoing Celebration for Apostle V. R. Reed

Dear Family & friends, God has called this great general, Apostle Vernon R. Reed from labor to reward. And we invite you to join with us as we celebrate the life and legacy of this great man of God. On behalf of The Reed Family, we do sincerely appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers, and thank you for all your support. God bless you. 

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Daily Heartfelt Prayer #29

Heavenly Father, we come humbly to You God this morning to thank You for another day and opportunity to magnify the name of Jesus. We take this time to bless and worship Your Holy Name. We Thank God for life, health and strength. We Thank You Lord for salvation. We Thank You for deliverance, for grace, for mercy for peace and joy. We Thank You for being our protector, healer, comforter, and our provider. We Thank You for just being our friend and continuously being there for us. We Thank You for never leaving us or forsaking us. We Thank You for loving us enough to chastise us. We Thank You for the power of the Holy Ghost that leads us and guides us into all truth. We thank You for Your word. We Thank You for shelter, for the clothes on our back, for the food You provide for our family each and everyday. We Thank You for the people You have placed in our lives to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, that they may come to know him and His saving grace. Lord, if we had ten thousand tongues, we could not say Thank You enough. Yet we choose to thank You and bless Your Holy Name all the days of our lives. And it’s in Jesus name we pray. Amen. – Rachel

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