Daily Heartfelt Prayer #28

Heavenly Father, You Are The God of all creation, The God of heaven and earth. And in the midst of the storm, we yet give You thanks and put our complete trust in You Oh Lord. Now Lord, we ask by faith that You extend Your mercy to the City of Houston and other cities affected by the hurricane and the flood. Heavenly Father, we pray for Your protection and favor be upon the righteous. Holy Spirit, give strength to the residents and all those who are helping to rescue the young, the elderly, the poor, the hungry, the destitute, and those without food & shelter. Lord, we confess Your Name is Jehova-Jireh and are able to provide sufficient aid and support necessary to meet all the needs of those in desperate situations. Lord, we repent and confess our sins and turn away from all ungodliness, to seek what pleases You Oh God, that You may bring healing to our cities, states, and our nation. Holy Spirit, give us Your plan, Your purpose and Your direction in this season. And may Your Name be glorified in all that we do in Jesus’ name. Amen. – Pastor Mike Reed

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