Daily Heartfelt Prayer #25

Lord, We thank you for this day that wasn’t promised to us. We thank you for your Grace and Mercy. We take a moment and look back over our lives and see where you have brought us from and where you are taking us to. We just wan to say “Thank You”! Thank you for your son Jesus, who took our sins to the cross, so we might have a chance to eternal life. Thank you for the Holy Spirit who comforts us in times of sorrow, refills us when we are empty, and guides us in the right directions when we get lost. Lord you have done, are doing and going to do so much for us. We just want to praise you in advance. We ask that you forgive us of any sins that we have committed. We ask that you continue to watch over those in the hospitals, those who the doctors have given up on. If it is your will, show them your supernatural power. Continue to prepare us for your kingdom business and building. Continue to cover our leader of this nation. Touch their hearts, fill them with your love and understanding. Also, continue to cover the men and women that shepherd your people, especially Pastor Mike and First Lady Sumetra! Lord continue to strengthen them, build them, deposit into them your word and bless them with the desires of their hearts. We thank you for your favor! We shall continue to praise and worship you in season and out of season. You are so worthy to be praised! In Jesus Name Amen!

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