Daily Heartfelt Prayer #23

Heavenly Father, We worship You and thank You for forgiving us of all our faults and wrongdoings. So today Heavenly Father, we need Your help. Lord, we pray You teach wives how to forgive their husband even in those moments of intense fellowship, when we don’t feel he is deserving of our forgiveness. We confess that we show love for own husbands by demonstrating forgiveness. We agree with Your word and know that whatever we desire when we pray, as long as we believe by faith that we have received it, then we shall have it. So Heavenly Father, we forgive those that have wronged us. We live a life that demonstrates forgiveness because You have forgiven us. And because we walk in forgiveness, we decree and declare that those petitions that we have submitted to You concerning the marriage have been granted and we praise You in advance for it all being done in Jesus’ name, Amen. – Lady Sumetra Reed

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