The Outpouring 3.0 / Positioned for Harvest

We’ve declared by faith It’s Harvest Time. And now it’s time we act on what we believe. Yes. Now is the time we all get in position for this amazing promise of God. It’s happening at …

  • The Outpouring 3.0
  • Positioned for Harvest
  • Friday, Sept.15th @ 7:30PM
  • UVCF Church
  • Speaker: Bishop Dexter Speller

This one night, revival experience, will be unlike any you have experienced before. Come expecting a word from God that can transform your life and shift you into another dimension. 

So don’t miss it! Bring your family! Bring a friend & bring your faith! Join us at The Outpouring, Friday, Sept. 15th. And we hope to see you Positioned for The Harvest

Stay connected at for more details regarding this service. 

Daily Heartfelt Prayer #15

Father God, I come to you first saying Thank You for being the great God you are. You have watched over us, you have blessed us when we didn’t deserve it and you have protected us from many illnesses and harm. So, I say Thank You!!!!! WE NEED YOU RIGHT NOW!! Father God there are so many that are lost and needing direction. I pray that they seek you in these weary times and be lifted up. Fill any voids that the people may have with your precious Holy Spirit!!! Touch this city, state, nation, country and world!!! Touch the people hearts, fill them with love, comfort them in your arms. Father, I pray that you continue to cover our children. Continue to show them favor and fill them with your anointing, that they may be able to reach lost souls as well. Cover them in this upcoming school year. Father as I close this prayer I ask that you cover the men and women that covers your people. Continue to strengthen them when they grow weak and cover them from and hurt or harm. In Jesus Name I Pray Amen! – Demecia 

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