Daily Heartfelt Prayers #14

Heavenly Father, we pray that our minds are strengthened to make the right decisions when we may be weak. And Lord we pray You help students this school year to remember the things we learn so we can pass our classes and pass our tests in Jesus’ name. Amen. – Leila

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Praying for Apostle Reed & The Reed Family

We sincerely appreciate your heartfelt prayers for Apostle V. R. Reed & The Reed Family at this time. It is our desire that you be encouraged and know our faith as a family is strong in The Lord. Again, on behalf of The Reed Family, we thank you for your prayers, love and support as we continue to solicit your prayers as we believe by faith that God’s will be done.          


Pastor Mike Reed

Daily Heartfelt Prayer #13

  • Father God I thank you for opening my eyes to see another that was not promised. I thank you for waking me up in my right mind. Lord, thank you for being a provider, a healer, a way maker, a comforter, a friend, a teacher, and most of all a loving Father. Thank you for your Grace and Mercy. Thank you for Favor. Thank you for open doors and closing the one’s that’s not for us. Thank you for giving us seed to sow. Thank you for supplying all of our needs. Thanks for being a strong tower. I love you Lord. I pray for the leaders of our country and those around the world. Give them the wisdom to make sound decisions for the good of the land and not for selfish reasons. Thank you for being an awesome God and being a merciful God. And it’s in Jesus name I pray, Amen! – Jamila
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