Daily Heartfelt Prayer #11

Proverbs 21:1, The king’s heart is like a stream of water directed by the LORD; he guides it wherever he pleases.

Heavenly Father, You Are God Almighty, and there is none like You. We thank You Lord for directing those who are called by Your Name in paths of righteousness, and causing us to arrive at the place of Your blessed promises and purpose. Now Lord, we intercede today for all those in positions of governmental leadership in our country. Lord, we confess You have the power to change seasons and times. Lord, You are able to expose every evil influence working behind the scenes. And Lord, You have the power to remove kings and set up kings. According to Your word, You are able to direct the heart of our president, the hearts of our governmental leaders, and leaders around the world, so that Your will is accomplished in the earth. And so Lord, because You have given us dominion and authority in the earth to carry out Your Kingdom will, by faith, we exercise the power we have through Christ Jesus, and we bind up the spirits of pride and haughtiness that are trying to bring destruction to our country, and we cast them out now in Jesus’ name. Lord, we repent for our wickedness, and plead for You to be merciful to us. Heavenly Father, forgive our sins, our transgressions, and we pray You withhold the judgment our nation deserves for not obeying You. Lord, we humble ourselves and ask that You give our nation more space to repent, so that we are not destroyed. Heavenly Father, we ask that You send righteous counsel, advisers, leaders and ambassadors to speak wise counsel and good understanding in the ears of our president and his leaders. Lord, prepare their hearts so they are open to listen and receive Your word. And we speak the blessing of Your grace be upon the leaders of our country who humble themselves, that the people of our country may be blessed, so that we can proclaim the testimony of Your goodness, Your mercy, and Your grace toward us. Heavenly Father, protect the righteous remnant in the land from destruction, and cause our nation to rise in righteousness once again, and let Your perfect will be done. For our country has only been great because You, Oh God Are Our Great, Great God. For You Are The Lord Our Righteousness, and we proudly wave Your Great, Mighty, and Beautiful Name over our country, the United States of America. You Are King of Kings, and Lord of Lords. And there is no other like You. And we give You all the praise, glory and honor that belongs to You. And it’s in Jesus’ name we pray, asking, confessing, and believing all these things by faith, in Jesus’ name. Amen. – Pastor Mike Reed

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