Heartfelt Prayer #7

Our Father, which art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name. Father, thank you for this day. Thank you for waking up us today. Thank you for the activities of our limbs. Thank you for being a provider. Thank you for giving us a second chance at the tree of life. Lord, we ask that you forgive us of all of our sins knowing and unknowing. You are the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Lord, you are so merciful and gracious and your love is everlasting. I give you all the praise, the honor, and the glory. I lift your name on High. Father, I ask that you continue to bless my brothers and sisters in Christ. I pray for my church family, my work family, and my extended family. Let us be a blessing to someone in need. Let’s us step back so you can step forward. Let them know it was not us, but it was the goodness of you Lord. I pray for those who are lost and need to find their way. I pray for those who are bound by any afflictions. I pray is that you remove any spirits that are not like you. I pray all these things being done in Jesus name, Amen!     – Jamila

  • What are you praying for? Who are you praying for? Someone just like you is in need of prayer. 
  • You can join our Heartfelt Prayer Campaign this month by visiting our Prayer Connection & sending your prayers for others today. Simply go to uvcfchurch.org & click on Prayer Connection and let us know what and who you are praying for this month.