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Are you expecting a Financial Harvest in 2017? Don’t miss tonight’s financial workshop! We’re talking about managing personal finances, debt cancellation strategies, understanding credit, college tuition, and much more.

  • Tonight at 7:00pm.
  • Location: 135 W. Ohio Ave. | Dallas, TX 75224

This event is FREE! Registration deadline ends today at 12:00 noon!

  • To register, simply visit & click the “Registration” link. Follow the instructions carefully & don’t forget to bring the necessary personal information you will need to maximize this workshop for your benefit.
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Day 18: Praying for Repentance, Salvation & Deliverance

  • Heavenly Father, You Are Our God of Salvation & Deliverance. We know it is Your desire to see all people saved, set free and delivered from the eternal destruction of hell. So we ask by faith that You send a fresh wind of Your Spirit to move upon those who are blind and dead in their sins. Lord, We confess by faith that by Your Spirit, Your Word is awakening those who are asleep in the spirit, reviving the hearts of men, women, boys, and girls so that they come to repent of their sins, turning their eyes, ears & hearts back to You & receiving Jesus Christ as their Lord & Savior & the precious gift of the Holy Spirit. Heavenly Father, we confess by faith that Jesus Christ is delivering sinners from the grip of satan’s tricks and devices, and from eternal destruction in hell. We thank You Heavenly Father for Your Amazing Grace causing a great turnaround in our lives, in our children’s lives, in our spouses, in our families, and members of UVCF. Now Heavenly Father, we thank You for the blessed hope and precious promises we have by faith through Jesus Christ, and his shed blood on the cross. Because You Are The Lord Who Forgives Us, we have been completely forgiven, and we have power over the devil & all the powers of darkness. For You Are The Lord of Hosts and there is no one like You. Now all praises, all glory, and all honor belongs to You Heavenly Father. And it’s in Jesus name we ask, confessing and believing all these things by faith. Amen. 
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