Day 15: Praying for Wisdom, Discernment, Meekness

  • Heavenly Father, You Are Our God Who Loves Us. We know it is Your will to see lost souls saved. And so we ask by faith that You send us into Your vineyard & give us the wisdom we need to win lost souls to Christ. For we boldly declare that we are not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ, because it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believes. And so we confess that as we pray, study, apply God’s word, share our testimonies, and use our gifts to bless others, that we are equipped with the wisdom & understanding we need for serving and leading lost souls to Jesus Christ this year. Lord, We ask by faith that You anoint our understanding, anoint our prayers, anoint our testimonies & anoint all of our gifts for The Harvest. We declare by faith that the message of God’s Amazing Grace and the gospel of Jesus Christ are victorious in destroying the yokes that have bound the souls of sinners & they are being saved, set free, delivered, & following us as we follow Christ. Lord, we confess by faith that the power of the Holy Spirit has strengthened us to restore others in the spirit of meekness. We declare boldly that we restore and reconcile sinners back to Christ with power, love and a sound mind, in truth & without confusion. And so we say thank You Heavenly Father in advance for lost souls becoming saved souls, getting planted, rooted, and bearing fruit at UVCF Church & prospering spiritually & naturally. And we confess by faith that as our fruit remains, that You Oh Lord are giving us favor for the things we desire from You. Now Lord, we thank You in advance for Your divine favor and abundance being on our lives to help us witness to other lost souls in Jesus’ Name. Thank You Lord for leading us in this path of righteousness for the advancement of Your Kingdom. And we give you all the praise, the glory, and honor You Are due, For You Are The Lord of the harvest & The God of Salvation. And we ask, confess, declare and believe all these things are done now by faith in Jesus’ Name. Amen. 
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