Day 9: Praying for Vision, Transformation & Innovation

  • Heavenly Father, You Are Our God Who Gives us vision, transformation & innovation for Your Kingdom advancement. So we ask believing by faith for a fresh outpouring of Your Holy Spirit so we might receive vision for every area of our lives. We pray for life transformation at UVCF & grace for the change process. We thank You Heavenly Father for the gifts of innovation and creativity being used at UVCF to bring glory to Your Name. We confess now and believe by faith that as the HARVEST comes into our church, that You release an overwhelming desire in them to use their gifts to lift up The Name of Jesus Christ, Our Savior & Lord. We confess they are planted, developing strong roots in the spirit by faith, getting connecting with other mature, strong believers in Christ, and growing into the full knowledge of God through Jesus Christ. We thank You Heavenly Father for all these blessings we ask and confess today, believing by faith. Now all praise, glory and honor belongs to You. For Your Name Is Great and You Are Greatly to be Praised. And it’s in Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen. 
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