Day 8: Praying for Order

Heavenly Father, You Are Our God of Order. For it is Your will that everything be done decently and in order. So Lord, we ask now, believing by faith that everything that has not been in order, You are setting those things in order today. Lord, Shine a light on the darkness and expose every hindrance and every demonic hindrance that hinders the peace You have already given us. And We declare and confess by faith that we have complete order our minds, order in our physical bodies, order in our homes, order in our families, order in our finances, order in marriages, order on our jobs, order in our church, and order in our businesses. Heavenly Father, We say, YES TO YOUR ORDER, to Your will & to Your way. We ask for the power of the Holy Spirit to help us and give us the ability to walk in this order You have ordained for the righteous. And we thank You in advance for the grace You are giving us to set things in order and function properly so we enjoy peace in every area of our lives because we obey Your will for our lives. All praises, glory, and honor belong to You Oh God our Heavenly Father. For You Are Sovereign and there is none like You. And it’s in Jesus’ matchless Name we pray. Amen.