Day 7: Praying God Bless The Barren Women

  • Heavenly Father, You Are The Giver of Life and every good and perfect gift comes from You. Because we know it is Your will for us to be fruitful and to multiply, we confess today the womb of the righteous woman is no longer barren, but it is open and ready to bring forth the gift of life. We declare by faith God’s grace is upon the husband and wife for fruitfulness. We pray the blessing of strength is on the woman to carry the children to full term. We declare these children belong to God and serve Him boldly all their days because they are full of courage & are instructed in the ways of righteousness from an early age. We plead the blood of Jesus over each miracle of life before, during, and after they enter this world. And so we thank You Heavenly Father in advance for healthy baby boys and girls who are full of strength, vitality, faith, hope, love, honor and wisdom, gifted, skillful & full of The Holy Spirit, ready to serve the Kingdom of God with a grateful heart. Now Lord, as we pray choice blessings over husbands and wives receivng the miracle of life, we prepare our hearts to sing new songs to glorify and magnify Your Name. By faith, we rejoice NOW looking for the manifestation of these promises with great anticipation in the coming days. And so we give You Heavenly Father all the praise, all the glory, & all the honor. For we ask these things believing by faith in Jesus’ name. Amen. 
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