Day 4: Praying God’s Favor for New Property

  • Heavenly Father, You have the power to give us houses we did not build and land we did not own. And as we serve You in spirit and in truth, bringing glory to Your Name, we confess now and believe by faith as we make Your Righteous Kingdom agenda our priority to bring glory and honor to Your Holy Name, we confess and believe now by faith that You are giving our church, our members, & every faith partner connected to UVCF Church favor with realestate brokers, bankers, land owners, property owners, landlords, businessmen and women who are helping us acquire new property, new land, & new homes that are abundantly resourceful in helping us advance God’s Kingdom agenda here in the earth. Lord, You do great and wonderful things for us, and we give You all the praise, glory and honor in advance today because You deserve it. And it’s in Jesus’ name we pray, confessing and believing all these things by faith. Amen. 
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